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A Home is an Investment in your Future!

Most people believe that building a custom made home is more expensive as compared to buying one, but the opposite is indeed the truth.


It will cost less to build your home as compared to buying a ready-made one.


Moreover, in most pre-existing homes, you will require to make an upgrade or remodel a section of the house.


When you build the house yourself, everything will be by your specifications, and you may not need to do the remodeling hence saving money.

We will build your dream house from scratch. Our team of experts is ready to start building your custom-made home. You don't need to worry about architectural design, house plans, city permits, HOA permits, etc. We covered all.


Just bring us your idea, pictures or specifications for the home and we will design and build your dream home!


Trust in a company with experience!

Fair Contractors, Inc. have more than 18 years of experience in custom made homes, more than 5 subdivisions projects and more than 50 built homes.


Give us a call to get more details about custom-made home. We made custom homes in Houston Texas and surrounding areas.